Lucart Professional offers a wide range of products and systems.
Different solutions to satisfy all needs of the professional world
with only one goal: to ensure reliability, performance and sustainability.

The future of sustainability
EcoNatural is an innovative line in Fiberpack®, the raw material obtained from recycled cellulose fibres, which are present in beverage cartons.
A range of high quality products and of exceptional performance, characterised by the light brown colour, derived from the use of unbleached cellulose fibres.
All products in the EcoNatural line are certified Ecolabel.
The respect for nature
Eco is the line made from 100% recycled and regenerated fibres.
A wide range of products combining quality and respect for the environment, to satisfy all needs.
All products in the Eco line are certified Ecolabel.
The technology which is at the service of the product
AirTech is the line produced with the exclusive airlaid technology, which uses air in the manufacturing process of the pure cellulose fibres.
The products therefore develop extraordinary characteristics of absorbency and strength creating an unequaled performance.
The strength of pure cellulose
Strong is the full line of products made from 100% virgin cellulose fibres, in compliance with the environmental sustainability criteria foreseen by the PEFC forest certification.
The solution which combines high performance results and excellent quality.
The strenght of the blue
SkyTech wipers are made of 100% high quality recycled paper.
The strong fibres guarantee excellent resistance and absorbency.
The basic line
Easy it is the new name of the basic line made with 100% recycled fibres.
It’s the complete solution which represents the perfect balance between quality and excellent value for money.
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