The single sheet dispensing system.
Solutions for all work areas.

The L-ONE line combines the advantage of the single sheet dispensing system with the quality of Lucart Professional products.

The L-ONE systems guarantee hygiene and consumption reduction compared to traditional systems. The dispensers are linear, free from sharp edges and suitable for all types of environments, thanks to its modern design.


Lucart Professional L-ONE MINI dispenser is a versatile and high performing system designed to provide toilet paper as well as kitchen wipers.


The single sheet dispensing system optimises paper consumption.
L-ONE MINI guarantees the maximum hygiene as users touch the required sheet only.

In restroom:
maximum respect for the environment

The toilet paper system that reduces waste and protects nature.

  • The system dispenses one at-a-time sheet to optimize paper consumption.
  • Lucart Professional EcoNatural toilet paper protects the environment, since it has been made by recycling cellulose fibres from beverage cartons.


The system, dispensing Strong blue paper, is ideal for using in the food preparation area as the blue colour is easily visible and identifiable in food preparation. The single-sheet dispensing system ensures minimal waste, using just one single hand.

In kitchen:
more hygiene, less waste 

The cost-effective dispenser for kitchen.

  • Suitable for food contact.
  • Ideal for using in food preparation areas as blue colour is easily visible and identifiable in food.
  • Single-sheet dispensing system ensures minimal waste.


The Lucart Professional L-ONE MAXI dispenser offers multipurpose wipers with an internal extraction system.

It is ideal for medium to large surface areas such as industrial/professional kitchens, mechanical repair garages and any other industrial environment. The single sheet dispensing system assures the consumption control of paper by offering contact with only the individual sheet used.


The dispensers have a high autonomy ideal for public places with large crowds.

  • High capacity levels.
  • Ideal for canteens, self service restaurants with large crowds.
  • Simple consumption control thanks to the transparent design.
  • Advertisements may be placed on the front of the dispenser.
  • The dispenser may also be fixed to the wall in rooms of a limited size.

Interfolded Lucart Professional EcoNatural 216 TI napkins made from recycled cellulose fibres present in beverage cartons or Lucart Professional Strong 216 TI interfolded napkins made from 100% virgin cellulose fibres.


The perfect solution for dispensing napkins in small spaces.

  • Perfect to place on bar counters, tables, in pubs or fast food outlets.
  • Practical and always available to the customer.
  • Ideal for fast consumption in rooms with limited space.
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