Are you a wellness centre owner?

Lucart Professional presents an ideal product selection for wellness centres that combine quality, comfort and praticality.

Ideal products and solutions for wellness centres that combine quality, comfort and praticality.


Cod. 870099

EcoNatural medical sheets are perfect for wellness centres thanks to their excellent performance and natural colour of the wood. Moreover Lucart Professional medical sheets are treated with bacteriostatic system, a special lotion preventing the growth and multiplication of germs. The medicals sheets are dermatologically tested.


Cod. 841073

EcoNatural facial tissues, characterised by the softness and the light brown colour, derived from the use of Fiberpack® - the raw material obtained from recycled fibres cellulose present in beverage cartons, are the perfect solution for eco-trendy wellness centres who wants to be distinguished for respecting the environment and offering a product which is aesthetically appealing. EcoNatural facial tissues are dermatologically tested.


Cod. 812170

L-One Mini is the right solution for wellness centres that wants to guarantees maximum hygiene in the washroom area.
The single sheet system, dispensing EcoNatural toilet paper, optimises paper consumption, guarantees maximum hygieneas users touch the required sheet only, and protects nature, since Lucart Professional EcoNatural paper has been made by recycling cellulose fibres from beverage cartons.


Cod. 853004

AirTech multi-purpose flat clothes are particulary suitable for beauty sectors, because they have the same consistency and strenght of a cloth, the versatility and hygiene of paper. AirTech line is dermatologically tested.

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